Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Our acrylic nails are created to look natural on the hand. We create nail enhancements that are a million miles away from 'fake nails'.

Rather than applying pre-made acrylic tips, we specialise in using forms to sculpt and shape the acrylic on your nail bed. This method is much better as each acrylic enhancement will be individually crafted for your nails by one of our experienced team, giving you a more natural look, a better finish and a long-lasting nail.

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Acrylic nails are the most common type of nail enhancement. Formed of polymethl methacrylate, the nails are created by combining a powdered polymer and a liquid monomer to create a thick liquid which is applied to your nail and quickly shaped.

Acrylic nails are also available as pre-formed tips - pieces of acrylic that have already been hardened which can be applied to the nail and then shaped. Though they're easier to fit than sculpted acrylic, they often look unnatural and may not adhere well to your nail bed.

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